JFS Counseling, Support & Discussion Groups 

Jewish Family Service is the professional social service and mental health division of the Jewish Community Association of Austin and a beneficiary of the Jewish Federation of Greater Austin Annual Campaign. JFS provides a wide array of mental health and support services to the Jewish community and to the wider Austin community, including counseling and psychotherapy, support groups, case management, emergency financial assistance, and community consultation and education programs. JFS also provides consultation related to the inclusion of people with disabilities in services and programs in the Austin Jewish community. JFS offices are located at 11940 Jollyville Road, Suite 110 South, Austin. Contact JFS at (512) 250-1043 and by e-mail at jfs@shalomaustin.org.

Baby Boomers 101 

By the year 2030, one-fifth of the U.S. population will be over the age of 65. The Baby Boomer generation, those born between 1946 and 1964, are currently one of the largest groups in our country. With so much to think about as you near retirement age, are you prepared for what lies ahead? This helpful 2-part seminar series is geared towards all Baby Boomers. With topics ranging from Health Insurance and Social Security to Housing options and End of Life Planning, we will cover it all. Please join Jewish Family Service as we tackle these hard topics and provide education, reassurance and resources for assistance. Dates to be announced this fall. For more information, contact Carlye Levine at (512) 250-1043 or carlye.levine@shalomaustin.org. Meets in Jewish Community Center. Tuesday, March 11 & 18, 2014.

Emotional Eaters Support Group

Do you find yourself looking in the refrigerator or eating when you're not hungry? Often people eat for reasons besides hunger, such as loneliness, boredom, anger, anxiety, or depression. Jewish Family Service facilitates group discussions for people looking for ways to manage eating patterns that may have gotten out of hand. If you are interested, please contact Judith Sokolow, LCSW at  or at (512) 250-1043.

Grief, Loss and Bereavement Support Group for Senior Adults

Grief, loss, and bereavement are not limited to losing a loved one. People grieve for many things, including the loss of their health, loss of independence, loss of their friends, the loss of who they once were, and of course the loss of a loved one. Jewish Family Service will facilitate a group for seniors to strategize ways to continue to live through grief, loss, and bereavement. Learn to identify grief and loss in your life, learn strategies to better cope with your grief and loss, and obtain support from others who may be experiencing similar losses. For more information, contact Carlye Levine at (512)250-1043 or carlye.levine@shalomaustin.org.
W I 11 AM-12 PM I Ongoing I $0 l JCC Room 150-C

Jewish Substance Abuse Committee 

JFS sponsors a discussion and planning committee comprised of members of the central Texas Jewish community who are interested in developing programs and services in the area of substance abuse. Contact JFS if you are interested in this issue and in contributing to a greater sense of awareness of addictions among Jews. For more information, contact Mitch Sudolsky at (512)250-1043 or mitch.sudolsky@shalomaustin.org. Meets in AJA Library.

Shalom Y'all

Shalom Y'all is an Alcoholics Anonymous® group that meets every Tuesday from 7-8 PM in room 141 of the JCC Education Building. Alcoholics Anonymous® is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. For more information call (512) 347-2721 or (512) 217-2987.

KAVOD: A Support Group for Jewish Adults Caring for Elderly Parents

This professionally facilitated support group focuses on empathy, coping, and problem-solving, while sharing the joys and challenges of caring for aging parents For more information and to register, contact Judith Sokolow, MSW, LCSW, at (512)-250-1043 or judith.sokolow@shalomaustin.org. Meets in ECP Multipurpose Room.
Th I 7:30-9 PM I Every 3rd Thursday I $0m/$0nm

Austin Patient Partners

Jewish Family Service is in the process of planning a service to assist those who are alone as they confront the health care system. Interested volunteers will be trained
to accompany single adults to doctor’s appointments in the hopes of reducing anxiety and isolation through what can be a worrisome experience. Research indicates that when patients are anxious, understanding of the medical diagnosis and recommended treatment is reduced. Having a “second set of ears” can be a comfort and can improve the communication between medical staff and those who find themselves in a health care system that can be therapeutic and curative, but also daunting in the process. For more information and to volunteer, contact Mitch Sudolsky at (512)250-1043 or mitch.sudolsky@shalomaustin.org..

Wellness with a Disability Support Group All Ages

This professionally facilitated group provides participants an opportunity to address issues related to living with a disability. Participants share ways to cope, reduce stress, improve relationships, solve problems, and increase a sense of well-being. To participate, contact Judith Sokolow, LCSW (512) 250-1043 or judith.sokolow@shalomaustin.org.
F | 2-3:30 PM | ongoing l $0