Jewish Federation of Greater Austin

Past Events

Blue Knot Presents:  Bridging the Digital Divide Cisco Funded Program “Net@” Trains Disadvantaged Youth (Jews and Arabs) in Israel’s Periphery

Speaker: Jackie Barker, Cisco Systems, Daphna Lifshitz, Appleseeds Academy, Net@ students and Instructor

Blue Knot Presents: From Geek to Entrepreneur

Speaker: Jason Cohen, Smart Bear

Blue Knot Presents: Intellectual Property Fundamentals

Speaker: Stewart Mesher, Intellectual Propery Attorney

Blue Knot Presents: The Security Risks of Social Networks

Speaker: David Endler

Blue Knot Presents: Bazaarvoice Founder & CEO, Brett Hurt

Blue Knot Presents: Artificial Intelligence, Present and Future

Speaker: Dr. Peter Stone, University of Texas professor

Blue Knot Breakfast: Cloud Computing

Speaker: Mark Fern, IT Consultant

Blue Knot Presents: Jeff Dachis, The Dachis Group

Blue Knot presents: See the supercomputer!

Speaker: Melyssa Fratkin, Texas Advanced Computing Center

Blue Knot Presents:  The Technology of Healthcare

Panelists: Evan S. Melrose, MD, Managing Director of PTV Sciences, Ron Ginor, MD, President of Becker Venture Services Group LLC, Joe Skraba, Vice President, Lab Now, Inc., Dean Skonieczny, Director of Product Management, Medical Present Value
Moderator: Walter Kalmans, President, Lontra Ventures

Blue Knot Breakfast: Staying Centered In Challenging Times

Chris Douglas, Quest Leadership Consulting

Blue Knot and The Texas Israel Chamber of Commerce Present: Israel - On top of the Tech World

Panelists: Daniel Artusi, Former CEO of Conexant Systems, Inc.  and Independent Industry Consultant, Wayne Lieberman, Former CEO of Entorian Technologies, Roee Madai, Economic Consul, Government of Israel Economic Office, Robert O’Dell, EVP of Sales & Marketing at Wintegra, Richard Schwartz,  Former CEO of SoloMio
Moderator: Doug Mangum, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank

Blue Knot Presents: Networking Strategies for a Down Economy

Speaker: Thom Singer

Blue Knot Presents: Can Technology Save The Planet?

Panelists: Joe Jones, President and CEO of Skyonic, Steve Meyers, President and Founder of Rational Energy Network, Ehud Ronn, Professor of Finance at the University of Texas at Austin, Steve Smaha, Acting Director of Austin Clean Energy Incubator

Blue Knot Breakfast Event: Career Development In A Soft Economy

Speaker: David Harap, Executive Search Consultant

Blue Knot Social/Networking event: The Technology of Beer at Independence Brewing Company

Blue Knot Presents Adam Dell, Venture Capitalist, Founder of Message One

Blue Knot Event Featuring Michel Mayer, Outgoing Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Blue Knot Inaugural Event: A Discussion of Technology and Entrepreneurship

Panelists: Mike Rosenfelt, EVP of MessageOne, Morris Miller, Rackspace founder, Jeff Seiden, TechBizDev, Inc
Moderator: Harvey Ring, Ring Investments