Jewish Federation of Greater Austin

Blue Knot Austin Mentorship Program

The Blue Knot Austin mentorship program is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to engage in one-on-one mentoring relationships with local Jewish technology professionals having expertise in a variety of specific subject areas.  Anticipated benefits of these relationships include professional development, networking opportunities, skill renewal, extension of industry knowledge, and idea exchange.   The Blue Knot Leadership Team does its very best to make solid matches between mentoring partners sharing a specified area of interest; however, as we are bounded by the number of mentors participating in our program, we may not be able to satisfy all match requests.  Therefore, clear articulation of your objectives for the mentoring relationship and the specific capacities in which you are seeking growth will be essential to your application.   Stay tuned for details about our upcoming Mentorship class in 2012. 

View a sample of the mentor bios from our past classes.

Below are some resources to assist with your mentoring relationship.

Mentoring Overview - Fall 2009

Mentoring Overview - Spring 2010

If you have any questions about the Blue Knot mentorship program, please contact Liza Levine at (512) 735-8014 or