Sports, Fitness & Wellness Classes & Leagues
(Youth & Teen)

The JCC Sports and Fitness Department offers a variety of classes for pre-school children, school-aged children, teens, and young adults. No matter your level, you will find exciting, age-appropriate activities throughout the year at the J.

Explore the information below to learn more and to register for upcoming classes and sports leagues.  For additional questions and details, contacting Kaci Scott, Youth Sports Coordinator (512) 735-8208 or

All Sports Grades K–2

Participants engage in a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, T-ball, volleyball, and floor hockey. Instructional focus is on developing and improving throwing, catching, kicking, striking skills, and sportsmanship. Participants should dress in tennis shoes and active wear. For more information, contact Kaci Scott at (512) 735-8208 or Meets in Gymnasium.

W I 3:45-4:30 PM I 1/15-5/7 I 15x I $240m/ $285nm I SF1372

Basketball (Pick-up) Ages 18 & up

See Adult Sports & Fitness section. Click here.

CrossFit Kids Ages 7-10      

This youth fitness program is founded in and utilizes the principles of CrossFit. CrossFit Kids is dedicated to giving kids the opportunity to excel in their fitness and skill level. Whether your young athlete is a beginner to a fitness program or a highly skilled sport-specific athlete, CrossFit Kids is the training protocol for young individuals seeking a high quality functional fitness program. This program is for girls and boys of all fitness levels and capabilities and is designed to promote fitness through fun with games, challenges and relays. For more information, contact Kaci Scott at (512)735-8208 or

Th I 3:45-4:30 PM I 1/16-5/8 I 16x I $256m/ $304nm I SF1429

Girls on the Run Grades 3-5

Girls on the Run is an experiential after school program that uses the power of running to prepare girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living. The curriculum creatively incorporates training for a 5K with lessons led by certified GOTR coaches and mentors that encourage third through eighth grades girls to develop life skills. This 12 week program empowers girls with a greater sense of self-awareness, foundation in team building and a sense of achievement. The cost of the class includes a GOTR t-shirt, registration for the 5K, snacks at all workouts, GOTR water bottle, and the experience of a lifetime! Meets in Camp Pavilion. For more information, contact Kaci Scott at (512)735-8208 or

M&W 3:45-4:30 PM 1/13-5/7 I 30x I $125m/$125nm I SF1451

Girls on Track Grades 6-8

Today’s middle-school girls face many challenges and obstacles that can affect their emotional and physical well-being. The Girls on Track curriculum is designed to address these challenges by empowering them to make thoughtful and healthy decisions. Like Girls on the Run, the Girls on Track curriculum addresses the societal, mental and emotional challenges particular to their age. The cost of the class includes registration for the 5K, snacks at all workouts, GOTR water bottle, and the experience of a lifetime! For more information, contact Kaci Scott at (512)735-8208 or

M&W 3:45-4:30 PM 1/13-4/23 I SF1452

Kid Fit Tennis Ages 3-9 yrs

Kid Fit Tennis is a unique, exciting, and innovative approach to tennis instruction. With the use of revolutionary mobile kits and specially designed equipment for young children, the Kid Fit Tennis coaching team transforms the gym into a dynamic tennis environment. Kid Fit Tennis encourages cooperation, enhances motor skills, and builds self-esteem while teaching children proper tennis skills, including forehand and backhand ground strokes, overheads, and volleys. Classes for ages three and four last 30 minutes; the five to nine year-old classes lasts 45 minutes. All equipment is provided. For more information, contact Kaci Scott at (512) 735-8208 or Meets in Gymnasium.
Ages 3-4:
T I 2:45-3:15 PM I 1/4-5/6 I 14x I $168m/ $210nm I SF1385 FULL

Ages 5-7:
T I 3:45-4:30 PM I/4-5/6 I 14x I $224m/ $266nm I SF1386  FULL 

Ages 7-9
T I 4:30-5:15 PM I 1/4-5/6 I 14x I $224m/ $266nm I SF1387

NFL Youth Flag Football League Ages 5-6 Yrs & Ages 7-8 Yrs  

Teams meet on Sundays and practice for 30 minutes, then play a 40-minute game against another team. Fees include an Official NFL Flag jersey, team picture, and  a trophy. Referees are provided; volunteer coaches needed. Player Assessment is  Sunday, Feb. 2 at 2 PM on JCC Fields. For more information, contact Jen Reed at  512-735-8206 or Meets in JCC Fields.

Ages 5-6 Yrs:
Su I 1PM I 2/2-5/4 I 12x I $150m/$185nm I SF1388 CANCELLED

Ages 7-8 Yrs:
Su I 2PM I 2/2-5/4 I 12x I $150m/$185nm I SF1389 CANCELLED

Primetime Hoopsters Grades K-2

Participants learn basic skills of dribbling, passing, and shooting, in addition to concepts of game play. Classes include modified scrimmage games. Participants should dress in active wear and athletic footwear For more information, contact Kaci Scott at (512) 735-8208 or Meets in Gymnasium.

M I 3:45-4:30 PM I 1/13-5/5 15x I $240m/ $285nm I SF1373

Soccer Shots Ages 2 - 8

Soccer Shots is a leader in youth soccer development for children ages 2-8. Our nationally recognized program offers a high-energy, fun, and age-appropriate introduction to the wonderful game of soccer. Our innovative and creative curriculum emphasizes both soccer skills and character development such as teamwork, respect, and confidence. Our goal is simple: to leave a lasting, positive impact on every child we coach. Come experience why soccer is truly the “world’s greatest game!” Please wear athletic footwear. Cleats and shinguards are optional. For more information, call (512) 420-9450 or or visit Meets in Upper Soccer Field. Participants must be of minimum age as of September 1, 2013. Please read the Soccer Shots Policies and Waiver & Release online. For weekday classes, we offer pick up from ECP Central, AJA and Kids’ Connection and can return them to school or aftercare when class is over. Parents must remain at the field for Sunday classes and for weekday classes if children are not enrolled in school/afters chool on the Dell Jewish Community Campus.

MINI: Ages 2-3 yrs: Soccer Shots Mini is a high-energy program introducing children to fundamental soccer principles, such as using your feet, dribbling, and the basic rules of the game. Through fun games, songs, and positive reinforcement, children will begin to experience the joy of playing soccer and being active.

Mini Age 2 years
Su I 9:15-9:45 AM I 2/2-5/4 I 12X I $180m/ $216nm I SF1507 

Classic: Ages 3-5 yrs (Pre-K): Using creative and imaginative games, weekly sessions focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting. We also highlight a positive character trait each session such as respect, teamwork, and appreciation. Soccer Shots will expose your child to the fun of soccer and provide the foundation needed to get started in the sport
Classic Age 3 
Su I 10-10:40 AM I 2/2-5/4 I 12X I $180m/ $216nm I SF1508  

Classic Ages 3-4:
 Th I 2:45-3:25 PM I 1/16-5/8 I 16x l $240m/ $288nm I SF1509  

Classic Ages 3-5:
Th I 3:50-4:30 PM l 1/16-5/8 I 16X I $240m/288nm I SF1510   

 Classic Ages 4-5:
Su I 11-11:40 AM I 2/2-5/4 I 12X I $180m/ $216nm I SF1511

Tu I 2:45-3:25 PM I 1/14-5/6 14X I $210m/ $252nm I SF1512 

Premier: Ages 5- 8 yrs (K-2nd): This program is for children who are new to soccer or who want to build upon what they have learned in Soccer Shots Classic. Focusing on individual skill, fitness, and sportsmanship, each session provides an opportunity for kids to be challenged through fun games and team competitions. Children will also be introduced to tactical elements of the game as they prepare to play on competitive teams. Please read Soccer Shots Policies and Waiver & Release online.

Su I 12-12:40 PM I 2/2-5/4 I 12X I $180m/ $216nm I SF1513

Tu I 3:50-4:30 PM I 1/4-5/6 I 14X I 210m/ $252nm I SF1514

Supersports Ages 3–5

This class focuses on fun, positive, success-oriented skill development in throwing, catching, kicking, striking, and spatial and body awareness. Music and modified equipment help make this class a favorite. Participants should dress in active wear and athletic footwear. For more information, contact Kaci Scott at (512) 735-8208 or Meets in Gymnasium.

Tykes- Age 3:
W I 2:45-3:30 PM I 1/1505/7 I 15x I $240m/$285nm I SF1380  1spot left! Contact Kaci Scott at (512) 735-8208 to register!

Combo-Ages 3-4:
M I 2:45-3:25 PM I 1/14-5/5 l 14x I $204m/$285nm I SF1381 CLASS FULL! 

PeeWee- Ages 4-5:
Th I 2:45-3:25 PM I 1/16-5/8 I 11x I $256m/ $304nm I SF1382  CLASS FULL

Teen Sport Conditioning Ages 13-18 Yrs

Functional training for sports conditioning uses a combination of programs and exercises to develop a higher level of athletic preparation. It is not just about getting  stronger, and bigger; it is about reducing injuries and improving performance. Functional training is training with a purposeā€”it prepares an athlete for his or  her sport. Instructor TBA. Participants must pre-register before the first day of class. For more information, contact DJ Olsson at 512-735-8224 or Meets in Fitness Center/Field.

M & W l 7-8 AM l 1/6-1/29 l 8x l $96m/$125 nm  SF1440A  JUST ADDED
T & Th I 4:30-5:45 PM I 1/7- 1/30 I 8x I $96m/$125nm I SF1440

Touchdown Kids Ages 3-5 & Grades K-2

Touchdown Kids is a high-energy, safe and age appropriate introduction to the all-American game: FOOTBALL! Our dynamic curriculum is child-focused, non-aggressive, and introduces kids to the foundational skills needed to enjoy the game of football. We focus on fitness, agility, coordination, leadership, and confidence. Touchdown Kids is all about the fun of football and less about the competition. No contact = no pads or helmets. All children, boys and girls, can safely enjoy Touchdown Kids! Participants must be of minimum age by January 1, 2014. Parents must remain at the field. Please wear athletic footwear. For more information, visit or contact Eddie Russ at 512-420-9450 or Meets in Upper Field.

Ages 3-5:
Su I 10 AM I 2/16 -5/4 I 10x I $150m/$180nm I SF1378
W I 2:45 PM I 2/12- 4/30 I 10x I $150m/$180nm I SF1379

Grades K-2:
Su I 11 AM I 2/16 -5/4 I 10x I $150m/$180nm I SF1383
W I 3:50 PM I 2/12 - 4/30 I 10x I $150m/$180nm I SF1384

Intro Baseball--T-Ball and Coach Pitch Ages 4-5 & Grades K-2   NEW!

Baseball season is just around the corner! Get your T-Ball or coach pitch player ready for a great season in our intro class. We build their skills and confidence in a fun, success-oriented environment. Instruction focuses on basic skills: hitting, fielding, throwing and base-running. Participants must bring their own glove, all other equipment provided. For more information, contact Kaci Scott at 512-735-8208 or Meets in JCC Lower Field. 

T-Ball Ages 4-5:
T I 2:45-3:30PM I 2/10-4/1 I 8x I $128m/$152nm I SF1441 CLASS CANCELLED

Coach Pitch Grades K-2nd:
T I 3:45-4:30PM I 2/11-4/1 I 8x I $128m/$152nm I SF1442

Youth Triathlon Training Clinic 7-15 Yrs

This clinic will prepare young athletes for their triathlon season! Whether it’s their first race, or they are a seasoned young triathlete looking to boost their performance, this clinic is a must! This one day clinic lead by Andrea Fisher and Jamie Cleveland, former professional triathletes and Texas Iron coaches, will take them through all three disciplines. They will also address topics such as USAT rules, nutrition, hydration, and how to properly train in order to achieve one’s goals. While drinks, snacks and a clinic swag bag will be provided athletes should bring their own bag lunch. For more information and registration log on to or email Aquatics Coordinator, Andrea Fisher, at     


Su I 11 AM-3 PM PM I 3/23 I 1x I $50m/$75nm I SF1443