JCC Summer Camps 2015 


Camp is where our next generation of Jewish leaders are learning how to be strong, confident, and compassionate adults who care about the world around them and want to make it a better place. We have something for kids of all ages, from toddlers to tenth graders, offering enthusiastic counselors, professional staff, a swimming pool, nature trails, a low ropes course, playgrounds, awesome activities, special events and more! Located at the Jewish Community Center on the Dell Jewish Community Campus in Northwest Austin on 40 beautiful acres, it’s the perfect place for an incredible day camp experience and to build lifelong friendships. Everyone is welcome at the J! 



JCC Summer Camp Paperwork Packet*
*Paperwork packet is due to Pearl Kaplan (pearl.kaplan@shalomaustin.org) for Pre-School Camps and Lee Braverman (lee.braverman@shalomaustin.org) for School-Aged Camps.


Seeking Host Families for our Israeli Counselors


Gan Kef (Pre-School)  & School Aged Camp Session Dates (scroll down)

Camp Times:
Gan Kef  8:30 AM-2:30 PM
School Aged Camps  8:30 AM-3:45 PM
Early Care beginning at 7 AM for Gan Kef & 7:30 AM for School Aged Camps, as well as Extended Care until 6 PM for all ages is also available.

School Aged Camps include Camp Shalom, Sports Camp, Performing Arts Camp, Camp Tiyul, and ALL Specialty Camps

JCC School-Aged Camps Parent Manual 

Camp Gan Kef:  512-735-8100 or erick.walker@shalomaustin.org
School-Age Camps:  512-735-8050 or YouthAndTeenOffice@shalomaustin.org