JCC Break Camps 

JCC Break Camps offer fun and enriching programs for kids during school breaks like Winter Break and Spring Break. Each camp includes favorite activities, like arts & crafts and sports, plus exciting extras like field trips and swim time, depending on the season. For more information on Break Camps, contact youthandteenoffice@shalomaustin.org.

WINTER BREAK CAMP REGISTRATION FORM (No online registration, please use form)
Please email completed forms to youthandteenoffice@shalomaustin.org or drop off at the JCC Youth & Teen office

Winter Break Camp Information and Details 

Core Day Camp Hours: 8:45 am -3:45 pm.  Drop-off and Pick-up are both in the Austin Jewish Academy Circle Drive.
AM Care :  7:30 am-8:45 am.  Campers can be dropped off in the Upstairs Multi-Purpose Room (MPR).
PM Care: 3:45 pm -6:00 pm.  Campers can be picked up from the Early Childhood Program (ECP) Lobby. 

Please send a meat-free lunch with your camper everyday except for Fridays when a pizza lunch will be provided. 

•  Completed registration forms can be emailed to the Youth and Teen Office at YouthAndTeenOffice@shalomaustin.org or dropped off at the Y&T Office.

•  A COMPLETED 2014-15 ANCHOR FORM and HEALTH FORM must be on file with the Youth and Teen Department before any child will be allowed to participate. 

•  The deadline for Winter Break Camp registration is December 17. This allows us to maintain a high-quality program by ensuring the appropriate amount of staff and supplies are prepared.

•  A $20 late registration fee will be added to registrations received after December 17. Late registrations will be accepted ONLY if space is available.

•  All forms must be filled out completely. All information is required by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. The JCC cannot accept forms that are incomplete or without payment.
•  There are no refunds, exchanges, or credits for absences.

•  Request for refunds are only honored for documented medical reasons and must be made in writing and subject to a $30 administrative fee.

•  If your child requires medicine during the camp day, please bring medication to the camp office in its original container. You will be required to complete a Medication Authorization Form which can be obtained from the camp office by emailing youthandteenoffice@shalomaustin.org.

LEGO Robotics:
Builders' are given age appropriate LEGO lessons and games, and LEGO sets with plenty of instructors to help with building. We focus on creating a fun, friendly and caring environment for our LEGO builders! Student will build a robot, build a LEGO creation and learn about science concepts all while having fun. They will be challenged with the LEGO WeDo (K - 2nd ), the LEGO Mindstorms NXT and our newest addition the LEGO EV3 Robotics system.

LEGO Animation:
Older campers (ages 7-12 years) will build their own mini movie set and create their own animated movie using provided LEGO® sets and mini figures! Younger campers (ages 4-6 years) will have the opportunity to use the LEGO Story Starter to create comics and stories.

Monday, Dec. 22-Under the Sea Mermaids, fish, shipwrecks and even sharks! All of these will inspire our work as we draw characters found under the sea. In our final project,  we will combine all the subject matter into one larger drawing with a story of its own.  Perfect for the younger artists! 

Tuesday, Dec. 23: Wild West
Discover the adventurous Wild West, cowboys and horses using a variety of art techniques and media, including still lifes, cartooning and pastels. Yee haw! 

Wednesday, Dec. 24: Dinosaur Dig
Explore the world of dinosaurs like you've never seen before. Can you envision a dinosaur doctor or a dino on a skateboard? You will in this cartooning workshop!  

Monday, Dec. 29: Castle Camp
Journey back to the Medieval Times and learn to draw scenes from the times, including a knight, a detailed castle and a fire-breathing  dragon.  

Tuesday, Dec. 30: Animal Cartoon Workshop
Laugh-out-loud-funny! Mind-bendingly-adorable!  In this workshop, students will learn how to personify ordinary animals, transforming them into fully-realized cartoon characters.  

Wednesday, Dec. 31: Anime  & Manga Workshop
Inspired by Japanese cartoons ("Anime") and comic books ("Manga"), this workshop will teach children how to draw the expressive faces and dynamic poses characteristic of this style.

FRIDAYS Dec. 26 & Jan. 2:
This is FIELD TRIP DAY!  We will be going off-campus to participate in a super fun activity!A pizza lunch will be provided on both days.  

Refunds, Cancellations, and Late Registrations

Registration Deadline - The deadline for all WinterCamp registration is Wednesday, December 17. Registrations after that date will be accepted only if space is available and will be charged a $20 late fee.

Refunds and withdrawals - There are no refunds, exchanges, or credits for absences except for in the case of documented medical necessity. Requests for refunds must be made in writing. All refunds will be subject to a $20 administrative fee. 

Sibling Discount - A sibling discount of $20 will only be applied to each additional child registered for the full week session. Daily registrations do not qualify for the sibling discount.

Extended Care - Core day participants must be picked up by 3:45pm at the end of the camp day. Core-day participants picked up after 3:45pm will be considered part of the PM care group and will be charged the PM care rate for that day. 

Medication - If your child requires medicine during the camp day, please bring medication to the camp office in its original container. You will be required to complete a Medication Authorization Form which can be obtained from the camp office by emailing youthandteenoffice@shalomaustin.org.Completed registration forms can be faxed to the Youth and Teen office at (512) 735-8037, or you can email them in  to youthandteenoffice@shalomaustin.org.