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Fall 2014 Program & Class Guide
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Jewish Life & Learning Classes for Adults

JCC Austin represents an aspect of the Jewish community, which our members define in very personal ways. To stay informed about great JLL programs, make sure you're receiving the Limmudnik E-news.  If you have questions about any of the course listings below, contact Aliza Orent at (512) 735-8030.

An Evening of Artful Eating Adults

Come taste and explore three recipes sharing the common ingredient of chocolatebut distinct and unique layers of meaning, taste, and nourishment. We will sampleand talk about Cherry Chocolate Bread from an old world cook who survived Auschwitz and whose beautiful kitchen overlooked the ancient waters of Haifa Bay,Israel; the spiral of flavors, design, and texture in a Chocolate Chip Yeast Kuchen(cake) baked by 1960’s housewives in Cleveland, Ohio (including the instructor’smother) for their families as part of the traditional Friday night meal; and OvenBaked Israeli Marshmallow and Chocolate S’mores which are as joyful and easy tocreate as they are delicious to eat. Taught by Lisa Joy Solomon. Meets in ECP Multipurpose Room.
Th | 7-8:30pm | 10/23 | 1x | $18m/$22nm | JE4156

Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning

Are you looking for a profound understanding of what it means to be Jewish? Join us to explore the texts of our tradition and discover how they relate to us today. The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is the largest pluralistic adult Jewish education network in the world. With 50 locations in North America, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Hong Kong, the Melton School sets the standard for high quality,text-based, interactive Jewish study by offering world-class curriculum that informs and inspire adult learners from all knowledge-levels and backgrounds.
For more information and room location, contact Aliza Orent at 512-735-8030 or
M or T l 9/15-5/11 l 30x l

Freud, Jews & Psychology Adults

In this course we will explore various connections between Jews and the disciplines ofpsychology and psychotherapy. We will look at Freud’s Jewish identity, the impact of anti-Semitisim on psychoanalysis and view rare home movies. We’ll discuss his encounter withthe 5th Chabad Rabbi, his work with other psychologists of world re-known, and why Jewsare so disproportionately represented in the profession. We will also look at the relationshipbetween Jews, Jewish history and trauma. Taught by Dr. Jerry Diller  Meets in 150C.
Th | 10-11:30am | 11/6-12/18 | 6x | $60Melton Grads/$90Non-Melton Grads |JE4157

Israeli Folkdance

Open to All Ages Come be a part of the community. Israeli Dance is more than just fitness; it issocialization, dancing, and being a part of what is happening worldwide. When you learn Israeli Dance, you can go anywhere in the world and dance the same dances.  Led by Melinda Torrence and Teresa Pomerantz. Get ready to learn and have fundoing it! All levels are welcome. For more information, contact Teresa Pomeranz at 903-513-4095 or Meets in JCC Dance Studio.
T I 7-9:30 PM I ongoing I $4 members, students & seniors/ $6nm per class

Mysticism and Kabbalah: Secret Knowledge in Judaism Adults

Thanks to Madonna and other contemporary celebrities, Kabbalah today is one of the bestknown facets of Judaism, yet also one of the least well understood. As a result, despite thepublic chatter about Kabbalah, for many, this important aspect of the Jewish tradition remainsa “closed book.” This new Melton Scholars course enables participants to gain familiarity withthe rich history of Jewish mysticism, and understanding of many of the texts that have beenso central to that tradition. Presented chronologically, the course provides an opportunity fordiscussing the progression of Jewish mystical tradition over hundreds of years. Discussionssurrounding the texts will relate to enduring Jewish challenges, issues of pressing relevancefor Jewish life both past and present. The course will expose participants to some of the waysthat the particular lens of the mystical and esoteric has been employed throughout Jewishhistory to discover the relevant, deeper meanings of Judaism, as students consider the extentto which Jewish mystical teachings speak to the deepest mysteries of human existence,offering rich, meaningful explanations for so many of life’s eternal universal questions. Meets in Room 224 of Education Building.
M | 6:30-7:45pm | 9/29-12/1 | 10x | $140Melton Grads/$175Non-Melton Grads+ Student Reader $40 | JE4158

Mysticism in Rabbinic Judaism Adults

Mysticism is the realm of religion that addresses mysteries, the intimacies of God’s relationswith human beings. This learning opportunity will address three topics. First, what ismysticism and how do we define it for Judaism and for other religions? Second, what biblicalthemes become the basis for later rabbinic mysticism. And third, what are the major stagesand types of mysticism in Judaism. No prior background is needed. This is a lunch and learnclass. Bring your lunch. We will provide a beverage. Meets in Jewish Federation Conference Room. 
W | 12-1:15pm | 10/1 | 1x | $5Melton Grads/$8Non-Melton Grads | JE4159