Jewish Life & Learning Classes for Adults

JCC Austin represents an aspect of the Jewish community, which our members define in very personal ways. To stay informed about great JLL programs, make sure you're receiving the Limmudnik E-news.  

If you have questions about any of the course listings below, contact Aliza Orent at (512) 735-8030.

A Jewish Take on Love and Relationships    Adults

While the Beatles may have crooned “All you need is love,” were they right? Or do we actually needmore than that? Come explore the Jewish perspective on love and relationships. A Jewish “take” on loveposits that love happens in relationship (with ourselves, with friends and neighbors, family members,intimate others, G-d, and even with our most frequent festival, Shabbat). When we understand how tocapture a Jewish sensibility of love, we enhance our capacity of influence in our lives, communities andmaybe even the world, for the better. Taught by Rabbi Amy Cohen, Temple Beth Shalom. This is a lunchand learn class. Bring your lunch. Meets in Temple Beth Shalom, Room 204.
Th I 12:30-1:30 PM I 2/5-2/26 I 4x I $50 Melton Graduates/$65 All Others I E4160

Being Jewish in Texas   Adults

Thaddeus Atzmon, Research Assistant, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board will explore thenuances of Jewish identity in the state of Texas. Texas is an interesting geographic space for multiplereasons. First, demographic research suggests that Jewish individuals are moving towards the Sun Belt.In this region, Texas is one of the largest states geographically and in terms of population. Second, anti-Semitism, which can negatively impact Jewish identity, is shown to be prevalent in this area according tothe Texas Department of Public Safety’s Hate Crime Reports. Atzmon explores the everyday experiencesof Jewish individuals in this geographic space to better understand how they construct their Jewishidentity. Come hear about the interviews he delved into and explore the perceptions and experiencesof Jewish Texans and how Jewish individuals in Texas construct their identity, when Jewish identity isrelevant, and why these individuals manage these situations the way they do. Meets in Room 150D.
T I 12:15-1 PM I 2/3 I 1x I Free & Open to All I E4161

Essential Kabbalah through the TaNaCh and Midrash

Study the fundamentals of the spiritual teachings of Judaism directly from our most primary sources."  A ten-session study group class taught by Rabbi Monty Eliasov.Monday nights10 weeks. January 5-March 9 6:30-7:45 PM. CAA MPR Library Side
$140 Melton Grads/$175 Non-Melton grads JE412SP15

Henna and Sephardic Customs     Ages 15 to Adult

Join us for a fun, new twist as we celebrate the Sephardic tradition of the Henna Party. Henna --thepowdered leaves of a tropical shrub used to dye the hair and the body-- is used in many Middle Easterncultures. In a little known custom, Sephardic Jews have traditionally celebrated impending weddings,bar/bat mitzvahs, and births with a “Henna Party.” Our party will be filled with music, food, hennatemporary tattoo designs, and more. Meet is ECP Multi-Purpose Room.
Th I 7-9 PM I 2/5 I 1x I $15m/$20nm I E4162 CANCELLED. This will be re-scheduled.

Israeli Folkdance     Ages 15 to Adult

Come be a part of the community. Israeli Dance is more than just fitness; it is socialization, dancing,and being a part of what is happening worldwide. When you learn Israeli Dance, you can go anywherein the world and dance the same dances. Led by Melinda Torrence and Teresa Pomerantz. Get ready tolearn and have fun doing it! All levels are welcome. For more information, contact Teresa Pomeranz at903-513-4095 or Meets in Dance Studio.
T I 7-9:30 PM I Ongoing I $5m, students & seniors/$7 nm

Jewish Denominations: Addressing the Challenges of Modernity     Adult

Examine Jewish identity and religious expression against the backdrop of dramatic political and socialchange of the past 300 years. Gain extensive insights into the historical and ideological developments ofthe major movements, and explore the impact of gender, assimilation, Israel, and post-denominationalismon the movements and the Jewish people. This is a Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish LearningScholars curriculum. Class is open to all and you do not need to be a Melton Graduate to participate.Meets in Community Hall.
Th I 11 AM-12:30 PM I 1/15-3/26 I 10x I $140 Melton Graduates/$175 Non-MeltonGraduates + $40 for Student Reader I JE4163

Reading and Writing Contemporary Jewish Fiction       Adult

Sharpen your pencil and grab your pad of paper, and let’s get creative! Storytelling is a wonderfulJewish tradition that has been around as long as the Jewish people. In this class you will have theopportunity to start formulating your own story ideas, exploring the many possibilities fiction writingoffers, honing your skills both as a reader and writer as we closely examine point of view, dialogue, plot,setting, structure, and characterization—paying close attention to how these elements create tensionand keep the reader engaged. We will read and discuss contemporary Jewish writers such as: Bernard Malamud, Nathan Englander, Grace Paley, Etgar Keret, J.D. Salinger, Nicole Krauss, Julie Orringer, andmany more writers who are unashamedly Jewish in their choice of material, producing short storiesand novels carrying themes of Jewish identity, faith, family, and perseverance. Zoe Miller earned her MFA in Fiction/Creative Writing from the University of MN, where she also taught English. Meets in Room 224.
M I 6:30-8:30pm I 2/2-3/9 I 6x I $100m & Melton Graduates/$130 nm I E4164