Fitness & Wellness Programs and Adult Sports Leagues

Adult Competitive Basketball      Adult

The JCC’s most competitive league guaranteed to provide excitement and camaraderie. In this up-tempoleague, be prepared to see behind-the-back passes and reverse lay-ups. $505/Team, up to 10 players.A ‘Forfeit Fee’ of $55/team is included in the fee (refundable at the end of season if no forfeit during season). Free agents will be placed on open teams. For more information, contact Angelo Florez at (512)735-8208 or Meets in Gymnasium.
Free Agent Registration.

J-Walkers   Adults

Come walk with friends and make new ones, with the optional goal of a 5K in the fall, led by spiritedinstructor Lorin Wilson and the JCC Senior Adult Programs staff, as they motivate you to increaseendurance, get fresh air, and have fun in a safe and social environment. Meets at theWelcome Desk.
M I 9:30-10:15 AM I Ongoing I $0m/$10nm per class

Recreational Basketball Adult

This is JCC Austin’s newest league and is designed for the basketball enthusiasts who just love to playbasketball and have fun $505/Team, up to 10 players. A ‘Forfeit Fee’ of $55/team is included in the fee (refundable at the end of season if no forfeit during season). Free agents will be placed on open teams.For more information, contact Angelo Florez at (512) 735-8208 or Meets in Gymnasium.

Full Team Registration
M I 6:30-10 PM I $600m/$600nm I SF8166

Swimming and Aquatics

For Master Swim, Prenatal Aquatics, Private Swim Lessons and Water Running, see Swim Lessons and Aquatics

Community Garden Adults

Are you interested in growing a garden but you don’t have the space or sun to do so? Garden space rental is available for a 8’ x 8’ fenced- in, deer-proof spot at the organic JCC Xanadu Community Garden. 
$50m/$65nm for Spring or $90m/$117 for full year I SF1415

Israeli Folkdance

Open to All Ages Come be a part of the community. Israeli Dance is more than just fitness; it issocialization, dancing, and being a part of what is happening worldwide. When you learn Israeli Dance, you can go anywhere in the world and dance the same dances.Led by Melinda Torrence and Teresa Pomerantz. Get ready to learn and have fundoing it! All levels are welcome. For more information, contact Teresa Pomeranz at 903-513-4095 or Meets in JCC Dance Studio.
T I 7-9:30 PM I ongoing I $4 members, students & seniors/ $6nm per class.

PACE - People with Arthritis Can Exercise (Senior Adults) See Senior Adult Programs

Tai Chi Adults

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art designed to enhance the body, mind, and spirit. This exercise promotes health, fitness and longevity. By practicing the sequence of movements, students can develop strength and coordination, while reducing stress and increasing mental focus. Tai Chi is beneficial as a supplement to other athletic activities and therapeutic for recovering from physical injuries. This is excellent exercise for all ages and fitness levels. For more information, contact Dan Boone and Marjorie Jackson at (512) 916-8919 or Meets in Aerobics Room.
Fri l 12:05-1:05 l ongoing l $8m l $12 nm per class

Eclectic Hatha Yoga 

Yoga is a practice of conscious breathing, movement (asanas), and awareness to achieve health benefits and relaxation. Medical studies show that a regular yoga practice increases flexibility, strength, balance, energy, focus, and endurance; improves posture; and teaches students to manage work and home stress. Class consists of 50 minutes of asana, followed by deep relaxation to integrate the practice. The teacher offers individual assistance during class. This class is most suitable for those students who can easily get up/down from the floor and who have good cardiovascular fitness. Classes are taught by Ellen B. Smith, certified and registered yoga instructor. For more information, contact Ellen at   
See Yoga at the J.
M & W | 11:15 AM-12:15 PM & 7-8 PM | ongoing | $10m/$15nm per class