Sports, Fitness & Wellness for Adults at the J

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Cardiac Rehab Adults

Healthy Hearts is a physician referred program. Participation is for those individuals with coronary problems such as heart attack, angina or coronary bypass. Phase 3 isa maintenance program for those with heart disease who have either completed a12-week monitored program or just need a maintenance exercise program. We offer ongoing professional exercise guidance, blood pressure and heart rate monitoring,as well as educational classes participant must have a doctors release to participate in the program. For more information, contact Audrey Herold at 512-735-8224 Meets in Fitness Center.

T & Th I Begins January 2 & 7 I Ongoing I $9m/$11nm per 

Healthy Bones & Balance Adults

This class is designed for anyone who is at a beginning or intermediate level of fitness and wants to learn bone, and muscle strength-training options. It is never too late or too soon to start a strength training program or improve balance. Instructor TBA.No partial payment. Meets 8 times, with each class building on the prior class. For more information, contact DJ Olsson at 512-735-8224 or Meets in Fitness Center.

T & Th I 11 AM-12 PM I 1/14 - 2/6 I 8x I $115m/$145nm I SF1346

Power Hour Adults 

This small group training class is for the person who wants to burn calories, build muscle, and improve core strength using kettle bells, TRX, and body weight training. For more information, contact DJ Olsson at 512 735-8224 or Meets in Fitness Center.

W I 10 AM I 1/15 -2/5 I 4x I $42m/$54nm I SF8189

Community Garden Adults

Are you interested in growing a garden but you don’t have the space or sun to do so? Garden space rental is available for a 8’ x 8’ fenced- in, deer-proof spot at the organic JCC Xanadu Community Garden. For more information, contact DJ Olsson at (512)735-8224 or
$50m/$65nm for Fall or $90m/$117 for full year I SF1415

Adult Stroke Development Clinics 18 & up

Have you had a desire to learn proper stroke techniques, but have put it off for too long? Do you have a desire to compete in your first triathlon? Do you enjoy lap swimming, but want someone to help critique your strokes? The Adult Stroke Development Clinic is perfect for you. Clinics are held monthly at the JCC outdoor heated pool. Instructors will run you through proper stroke techniques, drills and methods for developing a proper workout. For more information, contact Andrea Fisher at (512) 735-8216. Meets at the pool.

Su | 2x per month) | 8:30-10 AM | $60m/$85nm | AQ5555

Basketball (Pick-up) Ages 18 & up

Enjoy some pick-up basketball in the JCC Gymnasium. Basketballs are available for checkout at the Welcome Desk with a membership card. For more information, contact Jen Reed at (512) 735-8206.
Ages 18 & up:
T & Th | 12–1:30 PM | ongoing | $0m/$10nm
S| 2:30-4 PM | ongoing | $0m/$10nm
Su | 8–11 AM | ongoing | $0m/$10nm
Ages 35 & up:
W | 8–10 PM | ongoing | $0m/$10nm

Freeze Tag Fitness I Parents & Children

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JCC Masters Swim Program Ages 18 yrs & Up

Come swim with Coach Andrea Fisher, former national record holder, All American, NCAA Division 1 individual and team national champion, and USA National Swim Team member. With over 25 years coaching experience, she will provide a fully rounded swim program that guarantees success, incorporating stroke techniques, perodization, structured pool workouts and open water swim techniques. Assistant Coach Angie Balentine will also lend her experience and expertise to the program. Angie started her swimming career at age 8, continued competitively and developed programs through college, and is now an accomplished triathlete. For more information, contact Andrea Fisher at (512) 735-8216 or Meets in Pool. M-F & Su I ongoing I 14X per week I rates & schedule listed below.
Monthly Rates: Unlimited Registration: $65m/$90/nm, 2 Practices Per Week: $50/m/$75nm, Drop In: $15/day
Yearly Rates (Must be paid up front with no refunds): Unlimited Registration: $680m/$980nm. Monthly billing available.

PACE - People with Arthritis Can Exercise Senior Adults See Senior Adult Programs

Tai Chi Adults

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art designed to enhance the body, mind, and spirit. This exercise promotes health, fitness and longevity. By practicing the sequence of movements, students can develop strength and coordination, while reducing stress and increasing mental focus. Tai Chi is beneficial as a supplement to other athletic activities and therapeutic for recovering from physical injuries. This is excellent exercise for all ages and fitness levels. For more information, contact Dan Boone and Marjorie Jackson at (512) 916-8919 or Meets in Aerobics Room.

Jewish Yoga

Tuesdays,  free.  Membership not required.  All are welcome. 
Led by Rabbi Rebecca Epstein, Registered Yoga Teacher®, this class focuses on gentle yoga movement infused with Jewish wisdom. For more information, contact Rabbi Epstein.

Yoga Adults

Yoga is a practice of conscious breathing, movement (asanas), and awareness to achieve health benefits and relaxation. Medical studies show that a regular yoga practice increases flexibility, strength, balance, energy, focus, and endurance; improves posture; and teaches students to manage work and home stress. Class consists of 50 minutes of asana, followed by deep relaxation to integrate the practice. The teacher offers individual assistance during class. This class is most suitable for those students who can easily get up/down from the floor and who have good cardiovascular fitness. Classes are taught by Ellen B. Smith, certified and registered yoga instructor. For more information, contact Ellen at
M & W | 11:15 AM-12:15 PM & 7-8 PM | ongoing | $10m/$12nm per class