Tikkun Austin Initiative

Tikkun Olam—literally “repairing the world”—is a part of our Jewish tradition of philanthropy. As Jews, we are obligated to work to make our communities and neighborhoods stronger, better and healthier.

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Be part of our Tikkun Austin Initiative! There are three parts:

1. Tikkun Austin Giving Circle. This collective giving opportunity asks individuals to contribute into a common fund, learn about Austin’s greatest needs and innovative solutions, and vote to determine where to invest our collective dollars. By giving collectively, we can have a bigger impact on the causes we are most committed to. By spending time learning about the needs of Austin and local nonprofits, we can ensure that our grants are will have a meaningful and sustained impact. All members have an equal chance to learn, to vote, and to be a part of changing Austin for the better.

2. Volunteer Web Portal. Using a web-based matching model, the Federation can match the many great social action programs that are already being done and being planned by various congregations and organizations within the Jewish community, to those wanting a meaningful volunteer opportunity. The portal will help match your schedule, interests, level of involvement and skills with the right project or organization. 

3. Tikkun Austin Mitzvah Day. A Jewish community-wide day of service, while continuing work with the greater community to participate in existing days of service (e.g. MLK, Spring Days of Caring, etc.).Currently, the Federation coordinates Souper Bowl of Caring Central Texas for the entire Jewish community every January, helping collect much-needed non-perishable food items and financial contributions for the Capital Area Food Bank.

These efforts cross generational lines, congregation affiliations, and observance levels and focus on the immediate, hands-on impact we can have as a community for our community For more information and to get involved, contact jay.rubin@shaomaustin.org.